When will I know I have a loan payment due and how do I make my payment?

You will start to receive a payment due notice or a statement from MutualBank approximately 10 to 15 days before your payment is due. Payments can be paid in the financial centers, using MutualBank’s online banking, mobile or telephone banking, or via U.S. mail. The due date on your loan payment will remain the same and can be viewed through your personal online and mobile banking. If you have not received a billing statement by the time your payment is typically due, please contact us at 800-382-8031 and ask for Loan Servicing. 

If you do not have a checking account with MutualBank, we offer a variety of ways for you to make your loan payment:  

1. Online Banking
a. You can enroll in Online Banking with only having a loan at MutualBank. Through Online Banking you can transfer money externally, from another bank’s checking account, to your loan at MutualBank. This is through TransferNow (External Transfers) through Online Banking.  Visit here to see the fees associated with TransferNow.
2. Same Day Pay
An alternative loan payment option is through Same Day Pay. You can access Same Day Pay through bankwithmutual.com. On the right-hand side of the homepage under Login – choose “Same Day Pay”. Same Day Pay starts the process of making a payment, though the actual payment receipt is the next business day.  Visit here to view the Miscellaneous Fees regarding loan pay.

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