Will my checking account number change?

Your checking and savings account numbers will remain the same after the conversion on April 23, 2018. Currently, BloomBank account numbers vary from five to eight digits. Your new checks will reflect your existing checking account number, with leading zeros to standardize the number to ten digits. Retaining your checking account number means any automatic deposits or withdrawals will not be impacted. You may view your account number on your checks or within Online Banking.

MutualBank will continue to honor your existing and outstanding checks on your BloomBank checking account. For at least a year, checks and automatic deposits and withdrawals will clear your account as normal, giving you an opportunity to change electronic transactions involving BloomBank’s ABA Routing Number. MutualBank’s ABA Routing Number is 274970681. If you use your BloomBank debit card to pay for recurring services automatically, you will need to update your card information saved with your new MutualBank debit card for scheduled transactions after April 23, 2018. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us at 800-382-8031.

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