In what ways does MutualBank help with Debit Card Security?

Along with the EMV chip technology, MutualBank provides several solutions for debit card security. MutualBank encourages you to call before you travel which lets us know where you will be traveling so when transactions appear; our Fraud Department doesn’t flag them as unusual. You can call before you travel by visiting a nearby financial center, emailing, or by calling 800-382-8031. CardValet® is MutualBank’s version of BloomBank’s SecurLock.

You can use CardValet both in the MutualBank mobile app but also by downloading the CardValet app. CardValet allows you to limit transactions by retailer, amount and location. Through CardValet you can also receive custom alerts. Download the MutualBank app and the CardValet app to help protect your card and accounts. SecurLock will no longer operate after April 20, 2018.


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